Friday, 6 April 2012

Hull - through a camera

The weekend was beautiful, warm, sunny, bright with few clouds in the sky - so basically a nightmare for a photographer. Lifeless sky with flat lighting :-(

So what did I decide to do.....go out and take some photos. Armed with camera set to Black & White I set about capturing some of the locally famous landmarks of my home city - Kingston Upon Hull, UK.

I started at the Marina:

Whilst there I saw The Spurn Lightship:

 then walked round to The Deep:
Past the Tidal Barrier:
and one of the Larkin Toads:
Before moving on to The Hepworth Arcade in the Old part of Town:
 with its amazing glass roof, which Im sure most people in Hull will have never noticed:

And possibly the most famous shop in Hull - Dinsdales Joke Shop

The shop window has never changed that I can remember - items are probably priced in shillings and pence and many may not be available any more - but if you want a joke or novelty then its the place to go.

Another day Ill try and capture some more of the landmarks of Hull.